Check out this Tumblr even after Black History Month

I have been really inspired by Black History Month lately. More than ever before. It's not only because I am a Black man. As an American, one can make a strong case that the struggles and triumphs of African Americans through history a most representative of what we've been told for years is the essense of the strength of our country. Every obstacle, every invention, every contribution to culture and art and politics shows how strong our voice is even though we make up less than 15% of the American population, a statistic that when you consider our influence is staggering.

I say this to say that the story arc of African Americans should inspire EVERYONE no matter your skin tone or prejudices. The story is epic and the struggle is on going. This is what inspired me to post on my social media at least one photo, video, or article related to Black History on my social media platforms. In this search for awesome content i found this tumblr page and want to share it with you. It highlights primarily the contributions of African American WOMEN in history a voice that has been needing to be heard for centuries. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Heres one of the images that caught my eye recently.

Colin Harden

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