5 Black History Figures Who Didn't Fight the Feeling

In order to create this list, I knew that I was gonna need to relegate the figures to a particular time period and I wrestled with the idea of only using musicians but for some reason the musicians are the ones that seem to be the most representative of the DFTF mission. Music is also my particular wheel house so I kind of took the easy road. But to make it relevant to Black History Month, I decided that musician has to have been active during or before 1970 and I wanted to add some obscure and some easy picks just to stir the pot a bit. I'm hoping that with your help, we can grow this list out in the comment section.

Also let me enlighten those who may be unaware of what “fighting the feeling” and not “fighting the feeling” actually means. Its difficult to explain but a good example may be able to explain it for me. For instance a good example of not fighting the feeling is when Prince was asked to come up on stage with Mike Jack and James Brown and he rode his bodyguards back to the stage. I dont know. You kind of know it when you see it. I think that not fighting the feeling is that time when you trust yourself that what you’re about to do is awesome and instead of thinking, you DO IT. At that moment, anyone who was around to witness whatever it is you did or created or said can feel its authenticity and gravitates to it. This is why musicians are some of the best examples of DFTF like when Kanye said this…

One of those awesome unscripted moments of expression that have a way of being the most memorable and impactful moments.

So here's the list. Feel free to disagree or add more.

Nina Simone

"High Priestess of Soul" is what they called her. She was a fierce artist and activist and her signature vocal tone is unmistakable.

Colin Harden


Prince is....he just is...

Colin Harden

Fela Kuti

Any man who can start a movement in his draws clearly doesn't fight the fieeling.

Colin Harden

George Clinton

Screw "Uptown Funk" , listen to "Maggot Brain" and get introduced to the man who arguable invented funk music.

Colin Harden

Charles Mingus

He is one of the most prolific composer of the 20th century. This man's music has influenced so much about me I can't begin to start. Listen Listen Listen to his music if you're not familiar.

Colin Harden

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