Leonard Nimoy Didn't Fight The Feeling...R.I.P. Spock

Colin Harden (Leonard Nimoy)

As I write this I just heard that Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played the legendary and iconic character, Spock, on Star Trek has passed at age 83. Star Trek was a staple in my household and its certainly sad to hear that this man is no longer with us. He did live a long and active life, he was acting even into the later years and was featured in the last two Star Trek films. I'm not writing a eulogy, I'm coming to a point I promise. As much a fanboy of Spock and Star Trek as I am, it didnt hurt to hear of his passing, partly because he lived such a long life, but another reason I wasn't so disappointed was because of an interview I saw a couple of years back. It was part of a short lived YouTube series I stumbled upon called ARTST TLK with Pharell as the host. ANYONE who knows about Pharell is aware of his connection to Star Trek through the Neptunes and his fascination with space etc. Watching Pharell nerd out over Leonard Nimoy was awesome enough but just hearing how much of a TRUE creative Leonard Nimoy was, his approach to creating the character of Spock, and his provocative amateur photography projects, just gave me a greater respect for him as an artist. This is was gave me a peace when I heard of his passing because I feel that a life lived filled with creative pursuits shouldn't be mourned but should be celebrated. Watch the awesome interview that changed the way I looked at Spock.

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