Damon Dash...doesn't fight the feeling

Sorry for the delay. Its interesting, writing this blog's purpose is primarily for my own enjoyment and inspiration, an outlet to get stuff off my chest and to encourage creative thought but more importantly creative ACTION. I want to be inspired to write and maybe the content or the message can inspire others. Today, I was inspired enough to take to the blog and go in on a subject that is pretty important to me currently. The concept of entreprenuership and breaking out of the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule is something that I have been interested in a long time and I am just now getting to the point where its seems to become a reality. There are definitely growing pains and lessons to be learned about organization and time management and a constant evaluation of profit margins and putting dollar amounts on time etc. Pretty stressful but works well with my personality. The journey of entrepreneurship is an interesting one and right now even early in I begin to think about how far can I take the current venture i am pursuing and what other skills I can capitilize on. How high I can scale things. Just as I am having these internal conversations I find myself on twitter where I find out that Damon Dash was going to be on the Breakfast Club on 105.1. A must see by the way. Incredibly entertaining. Damon Dash is a character but he is also pretty brilliant. he breaks down his incredibly EXTREME idea of entrepreneurship and he's inspired to do it. As I watched the hour long interview I was kind of turned off by his arrogance and the delivery in which he made his points but then I thought about it and realized the man's got a lot of good points and I think we can learn some from him. He also said "saving money is for suckers" which I think is some foolish talk but he can have that opinion. But what stuck out to me were a couple of quotes like "[stop] hustling for the weekend" "I hustle for my last name, not my first name" These hood metaphors will certainly go over some peoples heads not because they're incredibly deep, but you probably have had to listen to a decent amount of rap to to understand what hes talking about. For some reason I was more inspired to keep doing what I'm to listen to this arrogant former mogul than I was before I listen to it so I figured I would share it with you.

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