A Lesson in Not Fighting the Feeling


Ok y'all. Not fighting the feeling is really simple. and I promise that your life will be much better if you do. People seem to get a backwards understanding of what I mean when I say Don't Fight the Feeling. It doesnt mean act recklessly. It doesnt mean acting out or crazy or innapropriate or impulsive. It mean be honest with yourself. Still too vague? Ok I got you. Have you ever had that urge in your heart to dance when you hear that song but you don't want to make a fool out of yourself? Yeah, that's you fighting the feeling. You know when you want to give someone a compliment about their outfit but you think they're gonna look at you funny. Yeah, thats you fighting the feeling. That urge you feel is your inner honesty wanting to come out and then you suppress that for whatever reason. I dont do that, and let me tell you, it makes my life better. Some people don't appreciate this. They want you to edit your interactions and see it as like "personality overshare". Those people can have that.

Not Fighting the Feeling is about getting out of your own way and making a decision rather than letting the world happen to you. Make something happen, be creative, add something positive to your life. Dont be afraid. That's what not fighting the feeling is about. Personally as a Christian man its also about connecting to my creator and being guided by the Spirit I believe lives in me. I know some of you would say thats some bull shit. I understand how the concept of faith is something some people can't get with but it works for me. I think when you see a great orator or musician or peformance artist expressing themselves and moving people with their art, they are sharing some of their spirit with the audience. Exposing their inner honesty. That connection creates an emotional response that's incredibly mysterious. We can't put our finger on it. Cant really describe it but we feel it. I think that when we can clear our hearts and minds of negativity and decide to express ourselves in whatever way makes us the happiest and decide to share it, it'll lead to a better quality of life and everything else will fall into place. ::jumps of the soapbox:: With that said. Have a freaking great day, dont be afraid not to fight the feeling. We dont have that much time here.

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