Passion is like Herpes, it doesn't go away...

Colin writing this post...

I am the worst. I know it. I really do. My ADD is on swole. I started this blog project not to long ago and like many of my creative projects it kind of trailed off for reasons that a therapist would probably boil down to a general commitment-phobia. I'd disagree while nodding in agreement on the couch. I think that it comes from a lack of sustainable inspiration. Which is ironic because that is what the blog was started for. This blog is not for me. That's not true. Its for me. Its for you. Its about inspiration. Its about the curation of creative ideas. To me inspiration is so important. It fuels me to create, to act, to do and when its gone its like crashing from an intense high (not that I'd know anything about that). After the last post that I wrote, I got an overwhelming response from friends and fellow artists who were inspired or faced similar things. They said keep going, keep writing. After that post I felt a sense of responsibility to continue this project but that rush of responsibility was ultimately unsustainable. Full disclosure I've never thought of myself as the guy with the right thing to say; and I guess Ive felt like I wasn't qualified to inspire people. I forgot however, how important it is to share failures as much as accomplishments. How telling people your frustrations while pursuing a career in a creative field can cause someone to feel united in the struggle. Ta ne hesi Coates decscribed the struggles as a writer as "a physical act of courage". I believe his assessment can be applied to any creative field. I found inspiration from that. So as a protest to the culture that only shows when we're winning, I will share the inbetween time. The struggle, and the career limbo and the confusion about your future (where I am right now). The slow burn to success. And let me tell you. For me to even type the word success as it relates to my situation right now is a physical act of courage. But for some reason after everything I've been through I still believe that success (as I see it) is waiting for me. Why? Because I believe when you experience set backs you have the choice to decide whether your life story is going to be of the girl/guy who got knocked down and quit (boring), or you can be the person who staged the greatest comeback ever. The comeback story suits me. If you're in that state of career limbo or feeling inadequate or fear, let me the one who tells you, I believe in you. I really do. I believe you can make a comeback. Seek inspiration and encouragement and if you can't find it, contact me. We can share our struggles and encourage each other. DFTF.

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