That's right. Coming to you from Kuwait. A lot has happened since you last found yourself for some reason on my site. People don't even really read these anymore but thats cool. Hopefully the content and more importantly the store will bring you back. I'm starting a new multimedia business and figured it'd be pretty easy to drop updates on the old blog. Plus while I'm in the middle east away from family its good to write and clear your head so here we are. I can tell you that there will be a lot of things upcoming on this site. I (as always) have grand ideas and the good thing about being here is that I can execute them with a little less distractions than the day-to day that was being back in the states. Most of you who come back to visit will be friends and family so you may not have use of a sound library, but hopefully you'll enjoy the music, buy a sticker or a piece of merch from the site and if anything else it may inspire you to go do the same. Build off of an entrepreneurial idea and make something happen.

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