Some Thoughts Into the Void

Its been awhile again. I really need to do better with this but here we are. Things have changed some since I posted here last. I haven't worked on as much music and have been focusing on audio storytelling and completing my grad school application. I was happy to get invited for an interview for the UNCSA Creative Producing MFA in Filmmaking. I was happy with it. The interviewers were very receptive, seemed to be intrigued if not impressed with the script I submitted which was encouraging. I've been enjoying writing lately. Narrative and Creative Writing has been a fun creative outlet for me. It's also a lot less emotionally draining. Music is fun but I have to be in a certain state of mind to really tackle a project. Music is by far more satisfying for me, when it comes out to sound the way you want or better or even different it's a different type of feeling. Anyway I hope I get into this program. I think it'll be the thing that can help me transition out of my current 9 to 5.

Also I am getting married. Well I am married and have been for over a year but because of covid and the deployment the ceremony is moved to this summer. Im excited. I feel like covid marriages should be stronger marriages. I may be wrong but maybe I'm speaking for myself. Me and my wife are making it through having a good time in the process, and adapting for the times were in both supporting each other through career changes and its been awesome. I love her.

So for those who are reading this, thank you. These are just thoughts sent out into the internet void. Go work on a project that you find meaningful and exciting. Make the boring world you live in exciting for you.

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